Frequently Asked Questions

What type of catering styles do you offer?

Listed in order from least to most cost efficient:

  • Drop off service: We drop it off. You do the rest.
  • Passed Hors d’oeuvres: “May I offer you prosciutto on a crostini?”
  • Buffet: Grab a plate and a member of our team will gladly serve you your favorites.
  • Family Style: No need for your guests to get up, just pass around the platters.
  • Live Food Stations: Step on up and let our chef’s work their magic before your eyes.
  • Plated: A nice hot plate individually served directly to each of your guests

do you offer wedding packages?

Why limit the options? Let us help you customize a wedding package created just for you, your budget, vision and favorites! Be sure to take a look at our menu and share with us the items that stand out to you the most.

What type of cuisines do you offer?

Proudly being the multi-ethnic company that we are, we offer delicious plates from all around the world. Our most popular cuisines are Italian, Indian, Latin, Mediterranean and BBQ inspired dishes, but are always open to customizing something special just for you.

Do you provide utensils and warming equipment?

Based on your style of service, we can provide all necessary equipment for your order upon request.

Does your price include dinnerware?

All drop off orders include disposable dinnerware. However, if you are looking for an elevated dining experience to provide your guests with essentials such as: China, Water Goblets, Silverware, Wine glasses, etc. we happily offer them as a rental charge.

Do you offer wedding cakes?

Unfortunately, we do not bake cakes at Chic Chef Catering, but we work very closely with some of Chicago’s best baking institutes and would love to point you in their direction.

What is an event captain?

The event captain has the role of ensuring service throughout your event is flawless. From timeliness of service to execution of food to the guests this person will handle it all for you. They play a key part in the communication the client needs to staff during the day of the event.

What is an event manager?

Before your event even starts, this person is ensuring all of the details get set up and executed to perfection. They will review your floor plan or set up, menu and timeline so they can best understand every detail. They will effectively communicate between client and staff.


Does the “service fee” include tax and/or gratuity?

The service fee does NOT include tax and/or gratuity. This fee serves a purpose for company/event expenses such as: licensing, liability, insurance, workman’s comp, gas, travel, etc.



Is gratuity included?

Gratuity is not included. We leave that up to the discretion of our clients.

Who does my gratuity go to?

Gratuity is evenly split among the individuals on-site the day of your event. Chefs, servers, bartenders (if no tip jar), captains and event managers.

What happens to any left-over food?

All leftover food is left up to client’s discretion and must be discussed prior to the event for proper arrangements to be made.

If we bring any outside food (desserts, late night snacks, etc.) will you please set it up for us?

Absolutely! All we ask are thorough instructions on how you’d like it staged, along with any additional information needed (vendor information, delivery details, etc.) A law required waiver must be signed by client to release the caterer of any liability.

Do you set-up table décor?

We are happy to assist in setting up any décor for an upcharge based on event.

Do you offer vegan options?

YES! We have a great variety of vegan options, let us know what you are looking for and we will whip something up holistically delicious for you.

Do you offer gluten-free options?

YES! Almost most of our menu can be modified to be gluten-free.

What happens if I have a guest with a dietary restriction or allergy?

Please make us aware of any dietary restrictions or allergies you or your guests may have and we will safely prepare an alternative option for you.

Do you provide place cards, table numbers, seating charts and/or floorplans?

A member from our day-of-coordinating department is happy to assist you in any of the above for an additional upcharge.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We understand events can be costly, and everyone’s circumstances may vary. Have no worry, we will gladly work with you on a plan that is comfortable for you and your significant other.