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micro weddings chicago il

Who doesn’t want to have their dream wedding? Whether you want to get married in your local community or have a destination wedding, planning is crucial. Many choose to hire event coordinators to take care of the tasks before the bride and groom say “I do.”

However, there are those who decide to plan their own wedding especially if they’re only having a simple and small gathering. It will be easier for you to be in charge if you’re having one of the micro weddings in Chicago, IL.

Ceremonies that have 50 or fewer guests are considered as micro weddings in Chicago, IL. Only family and close friends are the ones who attend the micro weddings in Chicago, IL of their loved ones. If you are soon-to-be-wed to your partner, consider micro weddings in Chicago, IL.

Benefits of Micro Weddings in Chicago, IL

An extravagant wedding is not for everyone. You may want to opt for a more intimate gathering like micro weddings in Chicago, IL. Whatever your reason is for choosing micro weddings in Chicago, IL, what matters is you and your partner will be officially pronounced as a married couple.

Micro weddings in Chicago, IL provide lots of advantages for an engaged couple in the planning process. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from micro weddings in Chicago, IL:

You Have Fewer Expenses for Micro Weddings in Chicago, IL

If you’re cutting down on costs, micro weddings in Chicago, IL is for you. When you have fewer guests, you will spend less on the other aspects of your special day. For example, you can get a smaller space as a venue for micro weddings in Chicago, IL. Aside from that, the caterer doesn’t have to prepare numerous dishes for micro weddings in Chicago, IL.

You Have Fewer Details to Worry About With Micro Weddings in Chicago, IL

With micro weddings in Chicago, IL, you will be able to remove tasks that you have to do for a ceremony with over a hundred guests. For example, you can decide to lessen the people to include in your entourage for micro weddings in Chicago, IL. You can even choose not to have a train of people following your arrival for micro weddings in Chicago, IL.

You Can Spend More Quality Time With Your Guests in Micro Weddings in Chicago, IL

Checking on your guests will be easier with micro weddings in Chicago, IL. Instead of doing a quick photo op just so you can attend to everyone in the venue, micro weddings in Chicago, IL will let you spend more quality time with your guests. The interactions that you will have on micro weddings in Chicago, IL will not be merely passing moments, but memorable ones.

You Can Personalize Details Easily With Micro Weddings in Chicago, IL

Micro weddings in Chicago, IL can provide your guests with a more personalized experience. With micro weddings in Chicago, IL, you have the option to customize the souvenirs that they will take. You can engrave their initials on mini champagne bottles or towels.

Hire Us at Chic Chef Catering for Micro Weddings in Chicago, IL

We at Chic Chef Catering are a full-service catering company that provides quality dining experience in the Tri-State or Chicagoland area. Our team offers catering including a buffet-style setup, live-food stations, and passed hors d’oeuvres. We also have table rentals and staffing services that you can avail.

If you’re looking for a package for micro weddings in Chicago, IL, we have you covered. Starting at $100/person, you can have a plated service that includes dinnerware, kitchen equipment, service staff, setup, and breakdown.

You can have a choice of three appetizers, two entrees, two sides, and one salad for your reception. We also provide a mini sweets table and coffee for our micro wedding package. Contact us today for more information on our services. We will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Making Your Event Dining Experience Memorable

Any occasion is never complete without serving delicious and filling food. Whether you are planning an intimate private gathering or a large-scale corporate event, hiring a good caterer can help you save the time and stress of handling every detail on your own.

At Chic Chef Catering, we are dedicated to making all of your social gatherings memorable by serving meticulously crafted dishes. We have an extensive selection of menu items for appetizers, salads, entrees, desserts, and more. Our team goes above and beyond in helping you create an event that is truly and deliciously special. You and your guests will go home full and completely satisfied.

A Full-Service Catering Company

Established in 2015, Chic Chef Catering initially started by serving at Indian weddings, given our founder and owner’s cultural background. Later on, our services extended to the universal wedding industry. We have received numerous awards and overwhelming recognition throughout the years of our journey.

Our company is now considered as one of Chicago’s top business caterers that offer the following:

  • Catering Services

We offer various ways of serving or presenting food to guests. These include buffet style, butler style, family style, live food stations, on-site cooking, passed hors d’oeuvres, and plated service. We also do drop-off services.

  • Rental Services

Our company can provide chairs, tables, tents, linens, dinnerware, and a dancefloor for your event at your chosen venue.

  • Staffing Services

Planning to host a private event? Our staff can assist you. Hire our bartenders, bussers, cocktail and banquet servers, event planners and managers, on-site chef, and workforce for setting up, cleaning up, and packing up the venue.

Packages to Choose From

From a simple pass-around to full-course meals, we have your event covered. Our catering company offers a selection of packages you can choose from:

  • Light-Starters:

This package is perfect for short events that only require light snacks and finger food. Choose five appetizers, sliders, or desserts from our list of items. Some of the dishes included here are pan-seared scallops, lamb chop lollipops, mini crab cakes, and more. The package price per person is based on a minimum headcount of 50 guests.

  • Micro Wedding:

Our intimate wedding package is offered at $100 per person, for a maximum of 50 guests. It covers the rental of dinnerware, linen napkins, kitchen equipment, and service staff. You can choose three appetizers, a salad, two entrees, and two sides. A mini sweets table and coffee are also included.

  • Wedding, Social, and Corporate

For large-scale weddings and other social or business gatherings, we offer a buffet and family-style dinner package. Each plate is priced at $20. This includes three hors d’oeuvres, a salad, a chicken entrée, a vegetarian entrée, and two sides. You can opt for some add-ons, such as beef, pork, or seafood entrees.

Staffing service, rental for dinnerware, tax, and gratuity fee are not included in the declared price. You can inquire with us if you want to discuss our pricing options.

Get in Touch With an Award-Winning Event Caterer

Are you planning an event and looking for a reliable and experienced caterer in Illinois, Indiana, or Wisconsin? Then turn to Chic Chef Catering. We would love to help you by providing expertly planned meals that your guests will truly enjoy. We will be with you every step of the way. Our team takes pride in building life-long relationships with all of our clients. Your satisfaction is what inspires us to go above and beyond with our services.

If you want to learn more information about what we can do for you, then reach out to our team by calling us at +1 630-359-5475 or sending an email to [email protected]. We will be happy to answer your questions and assist you with any concerns you may have.