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Event Planner, Chicago, IL

There are a lot of elements that go into planning a successful celebration. Some of these include choosing a theme, picking a caterer, and looking for a venue. These tasks can be overwhelming for people without experience in organizing parties. If you are one of these individuals, hiring an event planner in Chicago, IL might be a good decision.

Things to Consider When Hiring an Event Planner in Chicago, IL

Whether you’re throwing a birthday bash or a graduation celebration, your chosen event planner in Chicago, IL should be able to address your specific party needs. If you’re not certain who to enlist, here are some things that you should look for in an event planner in Chicago, IL:

An Event Planner in Chicago, IL Should Be Passionate About What They’re Doing

When looking to hire an event planner in Chicago, IL, choose someone who shows enthusiasm in their work. An event planner in Chicago, IL who enjoys what they are doing, devotes time and effort in helping you put together a memorable party. From decorations to entertainment, an event planner in Chicago, IL who likes their job would never give you subpar results.

An Event Planner in Chicago, IL Should Pay Attention to Detail

Your potential event planner in Chicago, IL should believe that even the smallest elements can significantly affect your party. From checking if the table linens are the right shade to making sure the speakers are working, an excellent event planner in Chicago, IL will not overlook anything.

An Event Planner in Chicago, IL Should Possess Great Interpersonal Skills

Organizing a celebration requires a lot of negotiating in aspects like the availability in venue dates. Your prospective event planner in Chicago, IL should be persuasive enough to score the best deals.

The event planner in Chicago, IL should also have connections in different industries. Knowing experts in different fields would make it easier to source items needed for the party like a cake, a reception area, decorations, and more. An event planner in Chicago, IL with a wide network would also give you a lot of options.

An Event Planner in Chicago, IL Should Have Great Organizational Skills

There are a lot of meetings and transactions that need to be dealt with when putting together a party. Your prospective event planner in Chicago, IL should be able to come up with a schedule that will allow them to attend to all of them.

When appointments unexpectedly happen on the same day, at the same time. Your event planner in Chicago, IL should be able to negotiate a schedule that would work well for both parties.

An Event Planner in Chicago, IL Should Have an Amazing Background

When hiring an event planner in Chicago, IL go with someone that has a great reputation. You can find out the quality of services rendered by an event planner in Chicago, IL by talking to previous clients. There are also reviews available on the internet that you could use as reference. These can help you decide whether it is worth it to book an event planner in Chicago, IL for your party.

If you are not contented, you could also arrange a meet-up with your prospective event planner in Chicago, IL. Doing so would allow you to ask important questions like their years of experience and specialization.


Hire an Experienced Event Planner in Chicago, IL for Your Next Celebration

Is your work schedule making it impossible for you to plan a party? If your answer is yes, then enlisting the help of an event planner in Chicago, IL might work well for you. At Chic Chef Catering, we offer quality event planning and management services.

Our passionate event planner in Chicago, IL will do their best to bring your dream celebration to life. We also offer catering, rental, and staffing services. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Time to Elevate Your Dining Experience

Food and drinks can make or break a party. That’s why when you organize an event, it’s one of the major things you need to think about. Whether you’ll have a big or small party, you should consider getting catering services.

If you want to find a company that can turn up your party’s mood with tasty food and refreshing drinks, you should contact us at Chic Chef Catering. We guarantee that your event will be more memorable with our meticulously crafted menu items and full-service caterers.

We value each of our customers, and we show it by providing them their catering needs to make sure that they have an amazing party. We’re also committed to making life-long relationships with our clients and giving them the utmost satisfaction. To do that, we make sure that here at Chic Chef Catering, you’ll get more than what you expect.

How Did Chic Chef Catering Start?

Back in December 2015, our founder, Ravi, together with his two other friends started thinking about creating their own business. They chose between real-estate and catering. However, only one of them was knowledgeable about real-estate. So they decided to go with catering! With our founder’s background in food and beverage, we opened on January 5, 2016!

Today, Chic Chef Catering is one of the most successful catering companies in Chicago. We have received a lot of recognition and multiple awards in three years. We have also established successful working relationships with different event industry professionals in the city of Chicago. Now, we are focused on making a bigger name by expanding our business to the whole country.

Meet Our Excellent Team

Chic Chef Catering is made up of people filled with passion and professionalism. Our founder and owner, Ravi Jayara, is the son of world-renowned chef Prem Singh. At a young age, he learned the value of hard work and how essential it is to reach success.

To make sure that we serve top-notch food, we have Alejandro Muñoz, our executive chef, and Tedrick Fisher, the lead chef. In order for us to make an event successful, we have Myrna Avila, our event coordinator, Enrique Alas-Melgar, the lead event captain, and Jorge Islas-Martinez, our excellent event captain.

Our Services

Here at Chic Chef Catering, we offer different services ranging from simple to elegant. You have the option to choose what type you want to get based on the theme of your event and your preferences. You can choose the kind you need, and then relax while we prepare it for you and your guests.

We provide an excellent catering service that includes everything you need, making sure that you’ll have one less thing to worry about during your event. Here are the inclusions of this service:

  • Food truck
  • In-home cooking
  • Drop off service
  • Live station
  • Buffet or butler style
  • Plated service
  • Passed hors d’oeuvres

In addition, if you’re in need of dining pieces, we have rentals that include tables, dinnerware, chairs, and linens. If you’re worried that you don’t have enough manpower during your event, you don’t have to stress about that! We also offer staffing services! This includes:

  • Set up and tear down crew
  • Event planning and management
  • In-home chef
  • Bussers
  • Bartenders
  • Cocktail and banquet servers

Organize a Successful Event With Our Help!

Here at Chic Chef Catering, we know how important it is to pull off a successful event. That’s why we do our best to give you everything you need, from simple to elegant preparations; we can do it all for you!

With our highly talented team of professionals, we guarantee that you’ll get the most out of your money’s worth. We can help you go beyond the expectations your visitors have for your party. We’ll meticulously prepare everything for you, from the event’s place to the dinnerware. Just give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to help you organize a successful and memorable gathering.